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Fraser Island Touring

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Which Fraser Island Tour is the one for me?

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There are a number of Fraser Island tours to choose from including one day tours, overnight tours, tag-a-long tours, and custom touring options. You can choose to take a tour departing from Brisbane, Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay. With all these options it can be confusing which tour to choose… So we asked our expert team what they recommend:

 #1 Fraser Island Day Tour from Hervey Bay

Perfect for a first time visit to K’gari or for those with limited time - a Fraser Island Day from Hervey Bay gives you the best itinerary to see the most of the Island. It’s a full day of touring with the Fraser Experience Day Tours available. PIck up is between 7am - 7.45am and drop off is between 6pm - 6.30pm at the end of the day.
Fraser Experience Day Tours: 

  • 1 Day Experience Tour 
  • K’gari Exclusive Tour 
  • 1 Day Fantastic Fraser Tour 

Each of these tours offer the same itinerary: 

  • Central Station Rainforest 
  • Wanggoolba Creek 
  • 75 Mile Beach 
  • Lake MacKenzie 
  • Eli Creek 
  • Maheno Shipwreck
  • The Pinnacles Coloured Sands 

The difference is in the number of guests per tour: 

  • 1 Day Experience Tour - 17  
  • K’gari Exclusive Tour - 4 
  • 1 Day Fantastic Fraser Tour - 6 

All tours also offer all meals; morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea with tea, coffee and bottled water. The K’gari Exclusive Tour and 1 Day Fraser Fantastic Tour also offer guests red wine, white wine, soft drink, and juice at lunch. The K’gari Exclusive Tour also offers guests a sparkling afternoon tea with strawberries, chocolates and sparkling wine.

Departing from Hervey Bay will get you to the main highlights of the Island more quickly than other departure points. This is because the ferry to Fraser Island from Hervey Bay lands on the Western side of Wanggoolba Creek which is a direct route (less than 30 minutes drive) to Central Station Rainforest and then another 30 minutes onto Lake MacKenzie. Where tours that enter the Island from the southern end (Rainbow Beach, Sunshine Coast and Brisbane departures) will result in driving for a longer time to reach their first stop. These tours will also have shorter visiting times at their tour stops to allow the longer drive back to the ferry landing. 

The Upside: A day tour is a perfect way to get a taste for Fraser Island! Meeting great people on your tour. Getting to see a lot in a day vs if you had your own vehicle to drive. Learning more about Fraser Island with an experienced tour guide. Tours depart every day. Suitable for all ages with some tours offering a family price. 
The Downside: Not enough time on Fraser Island! 

#2 Fraser Island Overnight Tours

Should you want to see more of the Island, an overnight tour is a great way to do this! Overnight tours will offer 2 or 3 days of touring, accommodation on Fraser Island, all meals and some drinks. 
For more information on overnight tours available please click here.  

Fraser Experience Tours offer custom overnight tours including all meals, drinks, a professional tour guide and a range of accommodation options to suit your needs. Find out more here on how to get your custom tour quote. 

The Upside: Getting to see more of Fraser Island! Learning about the Island from an experienced guide. Meeting your fellow tour mates. Suitable for all ages. 
The Downside: The tour buses can be large and the experience might not feel as personalised. Tours depart on set days, unless you have booked a custom tour to depart when it suits you, so might not fit with your overall itinerary. 

#3 Tag-along Tours 

Tag-a-long tours are 2-3 day tour options where you drive a hire vehicle following a main vehicle. The tours are offered to more of a budget backpacker style of trip where you meet the group you are traveling with the day before or the morning of your departure. The tour company will split the group into vehicles and anyone who wants to give off road driving a go whilst following the lead car can.  For more information on tag-along tours available please click here.

The Upside: Getting to see more of Fraser Island! Experience off road driving on Fraser Island. Meeting your tour mates. 
The Downside: This is mainly a budget style touring option so might not suit everyone. It’s not family friendly as most tours require guests to be 18 years or older. Also, if you are not a good “passenger” this might not be the tour for you as everyone on the tour with a license has the option to drive and you might not like their driving styles. 

Hopefully this has given some insight in how to pick your best touring option on Fraser Island (K’gari) to suit your needs! If you need any more information we would love to help - just drop us a line here. 

Posted at 10 April 23