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About K'Gari (fromally Fraser Island)

K'Gari (Formally Fraser Island) is located 300 km north of Brisbane and is the world’s largest sand island. Listed as a World Heritage Area in 1992 this natural marvel has been developing for over 800,000 years. On Fraser, you can see over 300 species of birds and other fauna including Australia’s purest form of dingo. There’s also ancient rainforests to explore, over 40 freshwater lakes to swim in, coluored sands, the famous 75 mile beach and much more.

Named K’Gari, meaning paradise, by the local indigenous people and traditional owners, the Butchella people, Fraser Island is 4wd access only; no asphalt, no traffic lights, just pure natural beauty.

Our Tours

4x4 Vehicle Fraser Island K'gari Central Station Rainforest

1 Day K'Gari Exclusive Tour

Our Fraser Island 1 day K'Gari Exclusive tour promises exclusivity and style for the discerning traveller. No other company offers the exclusiveness of such a small group.

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1 Day Experience Tour on Fraser Island - Our Vehicle

1 Day Experience Tour

When you only have limited time and budget our 1 day Experience Tour is a fun and affordable way to see Fraser Island! With a maximum of 17 guests per tour

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Maheno Wreck - Fraser Island.

1 Day Fraser Fantastic Tour

Our Fantastic Fraser Island 1 day tour promises small group touring at its best.

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